December 19, 2022
December 19, 2022

FridayIn Achieved 50% Higher ROI With Snapchat Ads


higher retention Rate compared to other platforms


 lower SKAN CPI compared to other platforms

The Story

Famous for their stylish and comfortable designs, FridayIn — an online fashion brand based in China — is on a mission to offer the Muslim community highly fashionable and size-inclusive designs. Looking to increase their client base in the MENA market, FridayIn chose to collaborate with Snapchat in an effort to drive traffic and conversion for both their app and website. And Snapchat made a great partner, as our platform boasts more than 67M DAUs in the MENA region and reaches 90% of 13- to 34-year-olds in Saudi Arabia.

The Solution

FridayIn went with a multi-format approach for their campaign, using Snap Ads, Story Ads, and Collection Ads featuring full-screen, engaging images and video. To better attract customers, the brand used real try-on videos with classic music, driving significant engagement for the ads. Additionally, FridayIn chose to enable Goal-Based Bidding for web conversion to drive users to their website to make purchases online. Because of this, the number of orders increased significantly and their ROI increased by 50%1. FridayIn also set up Snapchat’s SKAN integration for their ads to encourage new user acquisition and attract more installs, resulting in a 23%1 lower CPI compared to other platforms.

The Result

With their overall advertising strategy, FridayIn achieved a 5% 1higher customer transaction and 30%1 retention rate compared to other platforms. Based on these results, FridayIn plans to continue testing more ads formats in the future, leveraging the insights gained from this year’s Snapchat campaign!

We are truly amazed by the fast-growing ROI from our website after we enabled web conversion goal-based bidding on Snapchat in mid-September this year. With the creative support and advertising strategy provided by Snapchat, this collaboration was quite successful to drive our business growth in 2022! 
—He Tu, CEO, FridayIn

1 AppsFlyer Internal Data, July 1–30, September 2022