AR Try-on Campaign Signals Success for Fossil



12.67 Sec
Average Lens Playtime

Fossil Turns to Snapchat to Drive Consideration in France and Germany

Fossil, a leading global lifestyle accessories brand, creates timeless, well-crafted leather goods, watches and jewellery while working to create positive change for its people and communities. Keen to drive consideration in France and Germany among male and female audiences, who prioritise style as much as substance, the brand turned to Snap for an engaging solution to an enduring challenge. 

Using Snap Ads, Commercials, and AR Lenses

Hoping immersion would lead to conversion, Fossil decided it was time for new and existing audiences to experience its latest watches through the power of augmented reality. Leveraging Snap Ads, Commercials and Lenses in its two-week campaign, the brand targeted a broad audience and optimised for swipe-ups. By retargeting audiences, Fossil encouraged users on a full-funnel journey initiating action via AR try-ons of their two fall campaign hero products.

Extraordinary Results in Shares, Swipe-ups, Playtime, and Purchases

The campaign performed extraordinarily well against the brand’s original targets (+80% higher swipe ups than planned), with Fossil not only reaching new audiences but also increasing engagement through its use of AR. With over 60.9K in Lens shares, Snapchat audiences increased overall reach by acting as brand ambassadors within their own communities. As customers were empowered to try on products, the technology not only drove an average Lens playtime of 12.67 for the brand, but also drove 219 purchases at a CVR of 1.45%.¹

As attention becomes an increasingly important metric across digital campaigns, finding unique and immersive ways to connect with our customers is a priority for us. By leveraging AR try-ons across Snapchat, Fossil was able to inspire and engage with Snapchatters in a fun and exciting way, while also building consideration and driving actionable intent.

Ioana Badea, Paid Social Specialist EMEA

1 Snap Internal Data 2022.