Flipkart Achieves 24.5M Unique Reach Through Full Funnel Solution


Message Awareness


Ad Awareness


Average Playtime

The Story

Flipkart, India’s leading e-commerce marketplace, boasts a customer base of more than 350 million users and offers more than 150 million products across over 80 categories. Flipkart’s latest campaign featured Bollywood star Alia Bhatt as Flipgirl, a superhero avatar ready to help Indian shoppers find “super products at a super price with super speed.” To expand their reach, engage more consumers, and increase ad awareness, Flipkart aimed to translate their creative campaign into an immersive, interactive experience.

The Solution

Flipkart turned to Snapchat and their ad-tech partner, Tyroo, to create an AR Lens where viewers could become Flipgirl and use their superpowers to do some serious shopping. Powered by Snap AR, the Lens not only transformed the user but also offered a gamified experience that enabled players to collect coins from different Flipkart shopping categories and unlock additional superpowers. The Lens offered a fun, engaging way for Snapchatters to interact with the brand while generating buzz around the campaign.

By opting for a multiformat strategy, Flipkart was able to drive greater reach while focusing on various brand objectives, including accessibility and efficiency. The combination of ad formats — including the AR Lens, Commercials, and Snap and Story Ads — aimed at driving longer video view rates and higher swipe-up rates. Snapchat also conducted a brand lift study to offer greater insight into Snapchatters’ engagement and reception.

The Result

With such fun and delightful creative, it’s no surprise Flipkart achieved super results on Snapchat! The overall campaign achieved a 7 point lift in message awareness1 while the Lens drove a 4 point lift in ad awareness2. The Lens also proved incredibly engaging among Snapchatters, with an average playtime of 15.27 seconds3 compared to the benchmark 4–6 seconds. Finally, the combination of a multi-format strategy paired with stellar concepting delivered the campaign to audiences across Snapchat, resulting in a massive reach of 17.2 million4. That’s what we call a superpower!

"Flipkart has always offered shoppers access to relevant selection at great value. With significant improvement in speed, we now have the capability to delight our customers with a 1 hour delivery promise on our key categories like Beauty, Mobiles and Electronics and a 1 day delivery for Large Appliances. To talk about delivery speed at scale, we adopted a clutter breaking communication approach through the avatar of 'Flipgirl' played by Alia Bhatt and a clear promise of "Super Brands, Super Price, Super Fast. The Snapchat collaboration helped in making Flipgirl's superpower accessible to millions thus landing the brand proposition in an innovative manner."

- Dushyanth Jayanthy, VP Marketing, Flipkart

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