Fido Drives Engagement by Celebrating Pride Diversity


lift in ad awareness


lift in brand association


lift in brand favourability

The Story

During Pride month, Fido aimed to drive awareness, engagement and conversation around their commitment to the LGBQT2S+ community. They partnered with Snapchat to connect and educate Canadians on a more diverse representation of Pride using 14 flags representing the communities within LGBTQ2S+. 

The Solution

In order to drive high engagement and conversation, Fido created a custom AR Lens showcasing 14 LGBTQ2S+ flags. Snapchatters were able to tap through each flag that was accompanied by what it represents (gay, lesbian, ally, etc.) and choose which one they identified with. They were then encouraged to share it with the people they trust. 

In order to drive further engagement, Snap Ads ran within User Stories and Discover content and invited Snapchatters to tap into the AR experience directly. The Snap Ads were an effective way to reach a larger audience, resulting in additional shares and a longer time spent with the Lens. 

In addition, Fido also ran Snap Ads to drive awareness of Pride month, reminding Snapchatters that ‘Pride Comes in Every Colour’. 

The Result

Fido ran a high-impact campaign that resonated with Snapchatters. The combination of Snap Ads and an AR Lens resulted in a +7pt lift in Ad Awareness, +7pt lift in Fido’s association with Pride and +5pt lift in Brand Favourability.1 Time spent with the AR Lens was 37% higher than norms, proving that Snapchatters took the time to learn more about the LGBTQ2S+ community and the meaning of Pride flags. By partnering with Snapchat, Fido’s ‘Pride Comes in Every Colour’ campaign truly connected with Canadians. 

"Most people only see one flag representing Pride and the community, but the LGBTQ2S+ community is much more diverse than just six colours. Without awareness of all groups, there cannot be true acceptance for all. Our campaign is rooted in advocating and educating, which is why it was critical that we were truly inclusive in how we celebrate this year."

- Nancy Thomas, Vice President, Fido Brand 

1 Snap Inc. Brand Lift Survey of Snapchat users June 4 - July 3, 2021 Control n= 380 exposed n=405