Fanta Netherlands Drives Success on Snapchat with Commercials and Snap Ads

+27 pts

ad awareness

+26 pts

message awareness

The Story

Fanta Netherlands launched the ‘What the Fanta’ campaign with the objective to drive awareness and engagement among teenagers on Snapchat. The ‘What the Fanta’ campaign consisted of a series of video episodes featuring Dutch Fanta ambassador Leafs encouraging Snapchatters to solve the Fanta taste mystery.

The Solution

Fanta Netherlands launched a series of video episodes to drive awareness among their target audience of teenagers in the Netherlands.

Fanta utilised multiple video formats, including a combination of Snap Ads and Commercials, allowing Fanta to drive 6-second non-skippable video views within Snapchat’s premium and highly curated Discover content.

The Result

The ‘What the Fanta’ campaign in the Netherlands delivered strong results, showing the added value of Commercials as measured using Snapchat’s multi-cell Brand Lift study. The clear and consistent branding helped drive impact on Snapchat and deliver the overall message effectively.

The addition of Commercials into the media mix helped drive a greater impact on both Ad Awareness (+27 pts) and Message Awareness (+26 pts), when compared to Snap Ads alone. Snap Ads only drove significant lifts in Ad Awareness (+12 pts) and Message Awareness (+8 pts).1

1 Source: Snap Inc. multi-cell brand lift survey of NL Snapchat users April 20 - June 30, 2021. Sample Design: P13-19.
Cell 1 (Snap Ads & Commercials): NL control n=430 exposed n=454. Cell 2 (Snap Ads): NL control n=371 exposed n=406