FanDuel Drives Success with a Multi-product Strategy on Snapchat

Lift in First Deposits

5 Point
Lifts in Ad Awareness and Favorability

Incremental Reach to TV*

Sporting Increased Market Share

FanDuel is a daily fantasy sports provider in the United States based in New York City-- one of the largest DFS app services in the country based on entry fees and user base. FanDuel’s marketing mission is to increase their market share by converting casual sports fans into daily fantasy players and improving their overall player value. FanDuel was excited to tap into Snapchat’s unique, engaged community to acquire high quality users and drive registrations and first deposits, while ensuring they cut through competition and stood out during the NFL season.

Playing a Full-funnel Approach

FanDuel’s primary goal was to drive efficient first deposits and registrations, with a secondary goal of increasing awareness and favorability. To do this, they implemented a multi-product campaign and a diverse set of measurement solutions to assess their success at every point in the funnel.

FanDuel leveraged Snap Ads, Story Ads, and Filters to create consumer touchpoints across Snapchat, maintaining presence within the camera and in content. They developed bespoke creative for Snap Ads, ensuring that the brand and value proposition was clearly visible at second-0, optimized towards driving app installs and deposits. FanDuel also leveraged Story Ads and Filters to further engage with Snapchatters and amplify their message during key NFL moments.

Snap utilized Nielsen Total Audience Ratings (TAR), Kantar Millward Brown, and Snap’s first party conversion lift solution to measure full-funnel success for FanDuel. At the top of the funnel, Nielsen TAR helped them assess incremental reach over TV, while Kantar Millward Brown assisted in measuring awareness and favorability. Furthermore, they measured incremental registrations and first deposits through Snap’s proprietary conversion lift solution in conjunction with their MMP, Adjust.

Heavy Lifting Across the Board

By using a variety of ad products and multiple measurement solutions, FanDuel was memorable for Snapchatters and had full visibility into their performance: the Snapchat campaign drove a 7.2% lift in first deposits and an 8.9% lift in registrations, increased ad awareness and favorability, and was 2.5 times more efficient at hitting the target, driving 119% incremental reach to that of their TV campaign. FanDuel increased their NFL spend by 1,111% year over year - seeing a 4,000% increase in first time deposits and a 74% decrease in cost per first deposits - proving the efficiency and impact of their Snapchat partnership.

* Nielsen Total Ad Ratings commissioned by Snapchat for NFL FanDuel campaign, 8/7/18-9/30/18, A21-44.

We tapped into Snapchat's unique, highly engaged audience and efficient auction to reach sports fans in an always on way --converting them at a lower cost than other platforms. We worked closely with the Snapchat team on optimizations and measurement to improve full funnel performance, which has allowed us to expand our future partnership.

Aaron Dugan, Director of Online Marketing, FanDuel