Success Story
Success Story

FabFitFun Lowers Cost Per Acquisition by Bidding for Conversions


Lower cost per acquisition vs. goal in June - August campaigns


Lower cost per acquisition when bidding for conversions vs. swipes for 2018 prospecting campaigns


Lower cost per acquisition when bidding for conversions vs. swipes for 2018 retargeting campaigns


Increase in prospecting spend Q1 to Q2

The Story

FabFitFun is a seasonal subscription box that delivers a mix of full-size fashion, beauty, home, fitness, tech and wellness products directly to women around the country. Excited to reach Snapchat’s engaged audience and leverage its full suite of performance tools, FabFitFun came to Snapchat to generate new members at a low cost per acquisition.

The Solution

With a clear performance goal in mind, FabFitFun leveraged the Snap Pixel’s full stack of capabilities to measure conversions, reach the right audience, and optimize its performance. This optimization was driven by its switch in bid strategy from bidding for swipes to bidding for conversions. This simple change to leverage Snapchat’s conversion-focused machine learning allowed FabFitFun to efficiently reach the Snapchatters most likely to buy.

While the Pixel also allowed FabFitFun to seamlessly retarget those who had previously visited its site, the new bid optimization powered especially impressive performance gains across its prospecting campaigns aimed at net new customers. With a lower cost per acquisition than ever thanks to this pixel-driven bid automation, FabFitFun confidently increased its prospecting investment by 7x quarter over quarter.  
FabFitFun consistently tested multiple creative formats across video, still, and animated GIF to discover what style resonated best with Snapchatters. It employed Snapchat’s creative best practices across its tests, introducing a promotional offer at the beginning of its top snap and accompanying text CTAs with verbal and gestural direction to swipe up. By leveraging real-time creative-level reporting in Ads Manager to test and iterate, FabFitFun has been able to scale spend against its top performers that effectively prompt interested Snapchatters to engage.

The Results

By switching its bid strategy to optimize for conversions, FabFitFun was able to reduce its cost per acquisition to 21% below its goal. This enabled more efficient spend across campaigns, but notably enhanced the performance of its prospecting campaigns to turn Snapchat into a critical platform for new customer acquisition. With a 36% lower cost per acquisition for these campaigns in 2018, FabFitFun has increased its spend quarter over quarter, proving Snapchat’s ability to deliver against its primary KPI at scale.