EYEWIND LIMITED’s Brain Out Achieved 28% Lower CPIs With Smart SKAdNetwork Strategy


increase in North America and Europe in Q2 daily spending


users growth with SKAdNetwork campaigns above client’s expectation


lower CPI with SKAdNetwork campaigns on Snapchat compared to client goal

The Story

EYEWIND LIMITED is a mobile game development and publishing company based in Shenzhen, China, known for its popular casual games. Brain Out is one of their casual games that offers a series of tricky brain teasers and riddles. EYEWIND LIMITED worked with Snapchat to test SKAdNetwork campaigns to reach a large, highly-engaged younger audience.

The Solution

EYEWIND LIMITED tested Single Image and Video Ads for Brain Out, with the aim to drive app installs with efficient CPIs for both Android and iOS campaigns. Brain Out discovered that interactive creatives attracted highly engaged users with nearly 30% 1 retention rates on the second day, exceeding their expectations, and maintaining a 10%+ 1 retention rate on Day 7. Brain Out was an early tester once Snapchat made SKAdNetwork support available before other partners too. They first tested US targeting, then expanded campaigns to France and Australia. 

The Result

Through full screen video ads, Brain Out beat their CPI goals and doubled their daily spend in Q2 for U.S. and European regions. Also, Snapchat SKAdNetwork reported CPIs were 28% 1 lower than their internal goals. As a result, they expanded to all North American and European regions.

“Snapchat is an efficient channel for Brain Out to drive installs with it’s unique audience group and great standards to creatives and content, which also helped us to improve our creative capability to deliver high-qualified and engaged content. ”

- Zheng Min, Oversea’s Marketing Director, EYEWIND LIMITED

1 Client Internal Data from Adjust, January 1, 2021 to June 1, 2021