Eyewa Achieves Record-breaking Results With Snapchat Video and AR Takeover


+21 Point Lift in Brand Awareness¹

+12 Point Lift in Brand Association¹


+15 Point Lift in Brand awareness²

+11 Point Lift in Ad Awareness²

+8% Incremental Purchases Through AR³

The Story – Seeing Ramadan Through a New Lens

Founded in 2017, Eyewa is on a mission to offer their customers a next-level, easy-to-use omnichannel experience to shop high-quality eyewear at affordable prices. Wanting to increase brand awareness and consideration while driving purchases, Eyewa turned to Snapchat to create a campaign during the month of Ramadan that leveraged multiple innovative ad products and leaned heavily into augmented reality and video content.

The Solution – Premium Placements and Ad Products

Eyewa decided to launch a Platform Burst campaign, which maximizes audience reach in the shortest period of time using a range of Snapchat ad products and technology, including video ads and AR. This type of campaign also helped Eyewa stand out from the competition while communicating relevant messaging to their target audience.

The brand created a series of video ads featuring a young girl discovering her world through new glasses. And because Snapchat offers brands a variety of different placement options for their ad content, Eyewa was able to leverage premium placement within Shows, encouraging high visibility and memorability from their audience.

Snapchat proved to be the perfect platform for a campaign activated during Ramadan, since there’s no better place for brands to tap into real relationships that foster real results. To take the creative even further, Eyewa created a branded, virtual storefront for Snapchat’s AR Mall, enabling Snapchatters to “step inside” the store live, try items on, and purchase their favorite eyewear.

The Results – Record-breaking Results for Eyewa

Using Snapchat’s high-impact, premium ad formats, Eyewa achieved record-breaking results for their campaign! In KSA specifically, they saw a +21-point lift in brand awareness and a +12-point lift in brand association, the latter metric being very difficult to achieve! And in the UAE, Eyewa achieved a +15-point lift in brand awareness and a +11-point lift in ad awareness, as well as an 8% increase in incremental purchases through the AR mall experience. The success of Eyewa’s campaign proves that, by partnering with Snapchat, they can build unique and immersive ad experiences that drive real results.

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