Success Story
Success Story

Ford drove 406x lift in test drives through Story Ads




Open Rate

62.23 Seconds

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The Story

A new generation of the legendary Ford Expedition was released early 2018. Ford partnered with Snapchat to bring its launch campaign, across multiple highly engaging ad-formats, to highlight that with Ford Expedition you are “Always Unstoppable“. The objective was to bring the new car to life and allow Snapchatters to interact with its features.

The Solution: Story Ads + Snap Ads

Ford launched its campaign on Snapchat with a branded content piece to further educate the audience and shed light on the car features, through Story Ads. This content was then amplified through Snapchat’s vertical video ads, Snap Ads. The content showcased 5 ways to prepare for an extreme off-road desert challenge with Ford Expedition. The visuals portrayed
local scenery to create an emotional connection with the audience. The art direction used a mix of polished videos with graphics and animations that reflected the playfulness of the platform. Users were prompted to swipe up to the Ford Middle East landing page, inviting
users to book a test drive or request quotes, driving immediate action from the Snapchat platform.