Etihad Airways Generates 4X More per Booking with Snapchat


higher average revenue per booking 

versus other channels


increase in ROAS 

versus other channels


higher flight search rate 

versus other channels


higher completion rate 

versus other channels

The Story

Following one of the most challenging years in the history of the airline industry, Etihad Airways recognized the need to begin addressing travelers once more to kickstart its recovery efforts. To do so, it sought to reposition its brand in order to address some of the primary concerns towards the return to air travel: health, hygiene, and safety. The challenge? How to run an educational campaign targeting savvy and high-value travelers in the US, India, and key Middle Eastern and European markets on these sensitive topics, but in an inspirational and efficient way to drive bookings.

The Solution: Story Ads

Partnering with Crossmedia and Snapchat, the strategy developed identified Story Ads as the key format for Etihad to tell its health, hygiene, and safety narrative. Positioning the brand as a storyteller adjacent to premium publishers in Discover, Story Ads provided the perfect medium to educate and inspire in an editorial way, driving opt-in engagement into the content. Targeting Snapchat’s high-value traveler segments and optimizing towards flight searches and bookings on the website, the campaign drove incredible performance!

The Results

Snapchat was able deliver concrete commercial results for the airline at a critical time in its recovery efforts. On the mid-funnel, the Story Ads generated a 266% higher completion rate versus other channels, indicating that Snapchat’s traveler audience was very receptive to the messaging.1 Through thoughtful audience segmentation and compelling USPs displayed in the creative, Snapchatters drove an 87% higher flight search rate versus other channels1. Moreover, travelers on Snapchat proved to be incredibly valuable as well, demonstrated by the 318% higher average revenue per booking versus other channels.1 Last but certainly not least, the campaign achieved extreme efficiency as well by the 232% increase in ROAS versus other channels1 and 3X lower cost per sale versus other channels, a key win for the campaign at a time when return on investment is more important than ever.2

"Amid the incredibly tough global travel climate resulting from the pandemic, Snapchat has formed an integral part of our performance marketing mix, helping us to capture transient and unpredictable travel demand and providing a key platform for us to communicate our flagship Etihad Wellness proposition to travellers. With Snapchat, we were not only able to exceed performance benchmarks across the customer journey but could also acquire extremely high-value travellers that have delivered significant revenue to the business. We look forward to continuing our successful partnership with Snapchat in 2021 and beyond."

- Phil Dodwell, Campaign Planner, Digital Marketing, Etihad Aviation Group

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2 Client-stated data. February 18th, 2021 - March 18th, 2021.