ETAM Boosts Return on Ad Spend with Dynamic Product Ads


cost per acquisition for Dynamic Product Ads vs Snap Ads


average return on ad spend using Dynamic Product Ads retargeting, without post-view


return on ad spend using Dynamic Ads vs. Snap Ads

The Story
Etam is the leading underwear brand in France. In order to strengthen the brand’s online presence and acquire new customers with managed costs, Etam partnered with Snapchat to be among the first brands to launch a Dynamic Product Ads campaign in France.
Advertisers can reach around 12M women every month on Snapchat in France, making the app a key platform to help Etam to reach a massive audience.
The Solution
To launch their Dynamic Product Ads campaign and leverage all of Snapchat’s e-commerce features, Etam integrated the Snap Pixel on its website and product catalog. 
Etam then launched two strategies using Dynamic Product Ads: 
  • retargeting users who had visited a product page
  • acquiring new clients who had not shopped on Etam before
Using Dynamic Product Ads, Etam was able to target these two audience segments with highly relevant product-centric creative, created dynamically using the information in Etam’s product catalog.
The Results
Etam’s campaigns quickly showed positive results! 
By switching from Snap Ads to Dynamic Product Ads, Etam was able to drive increased performance : Return on Ad Spend increased by 43% to an average of 3.32€ (not including post view). 
Etam was also able to leverage Dynamic Product Ads to drive down the costs of acquiring new clients : Cost Per Acquisition decreased by 19% after switching from Snap Ads to Dynamic Product Ads.
"Putting the user at the center of each interaction is the key to success for brands. It's not only about products, but about culture, conversation, values, opinions and sharing.
To make e-commerce more human, brands must shift from content, to conversation, to commerce. Snapchat has proven to be a fundamental partner in enabling this shift in our strategy to make digital a channel that drives performance and creates a more human experience."
- Elya Hasson, Chief Data & Digital Officer
1 Data from Snap Ads Manager as of August 1 - October 31, 2020