Estée Lauder Successfully Drives Uplift with a Multi-Product Strategy, led by a Shoppable AR Try-On Lens


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The Story

In a post-lockdown world, one of the main challenges Estée Lauder has is how they can replicate the in store trial and purchase experience for their customers.  To battle that challenge and create awareness around the Doublewear and Futurist foundation ranges, Estée Lauder partnered with Snapchat to launch a Shoppable AR Try-On Lens on the platform.

The Solution

Esteé Lauder launched a multi-product campaign with a full funnel approach. 

This campaign included a Shoppable AR Lens which allows users to virtually try on three different products - Primer, Foundation, Lipstick and swipe up directly from the Lens to purchase on the Estée Lauder website. The campaign also included Snap Ads, Collections Ads and Commercials, to reach consumers at every stage of the marketing funnel. 

The Result

The Doublewear/Futurist foundation shoppable AR Lens, as part of a multi-product strategy, was a success:  

  • Reached over 3 million people1

  • Positive return on advertising spend of £3.47 on the conversion campaign1

  • View through rate of 85% on commercials1

  • Lens average playtime of 30s1

This campaign also cut through on brand metrics, driving increased Ad Awareness (+20pts uplift), Brand Association (+6pts) and Action Intent (+8pts).2

"This partnership was all about driving engagement and consideration for our wardrobe of foundations – including the UK’s number 1 foundation Double Wear. The 360 approach of ensuring visibility at every stage of the funnel was also key to the success of this activation and a consideration and learning for future lens activations. We’re thrilled with the results, driving strong reach, engagement and ROAS."

- Nicola Casey, Marketing Director, Esteé Lauder

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1 Data from Snap Ads Manager as of April 12 - May 10 2021
2 Kantar MWB brand lift survey April 12 - May 10 2021