Esmi Performance Skyrockets Under Latest Performance Updates on Snap


increase in ROAS YOY

(Q122 - Q123)


drop in CPA YOY (Q122 - Q123)

The Story

Known for its high quality, natural-ingredient products, Esmi Skin Minerals is an Australian-based vegan skincare company. With a proven record of successful campaigns all around on Snapchat, Esmi's digital agency, Firebrand Digital, were specifically looking to increase conversions and drive the lowest CPA and highest ROAS.

The Solution

Through a combination of purchase-look-alikes, broad targeting and the GBB Pixel Purchase used as an optimization tool, Snap Ads proved to be the right video product to both drive results and reach the primary audience of 18+ year old females that makes up one of Esmi’s core segments. 

The Result

Esmi’s campaign achieved remarkable results, seeing Snapchat fall in the top 3 performing media platforms for the brand. The success of the campaign also shows how the brand holds a powerful and highly indexed audience across the cosmetics space. Combined with our platform’s recent performance updates, Esmi showcased how a highly performing and competitive driver of sales Snapchat can be for retailers.

"The incredible increase we’ve seen in bottom of the funnel performance across Snapchat for Esmi has been truly remarkable. The latest performance updates have made the platform one of the most competitive platforms in our agency's marketing mix for retailers."

- Steven DSouza, Founder of Firebrand Digital