Emirates Soars to Success with Snap's Premium Ad Format

Ad Awareness¹
Brand Awareness¹
< $0.5
Cost Per Incremental Person (CPIP)¹

From International Hubs to Economy Excellence

Emirates is one of the world’s largest international airlines and one of the flag carriers of the United Arab Emirates. It operates 269 aircrafts and flies to 158 destinations. Emirates wanted to target high income travelers in international hubs in the US as well as increase consideration for its Economy class, which is famous for the exceptional service and travel experience it offers. 

Emirates Takes Off with Snapchat Partnership

In order to achieve this goal, Emirates partnered with Snapchat using Snap’s high impact and premium Ad format such as Commercials within shows, which offers high visibility and memorability. Snapchatters build their experience on the platform around meaningful connections with their family, friends and the world through Snapchat’s 5 unique features. When it comes to traveling, they love to get inspired by friends and family as well as share their exciting moments with their loved ones on Snapchat and that makes it a highly impactful platform for partners like Emirates. 

Reaching New Heights with Snap's Ads

By leveraging Snap’s Commercial Ad format, Emirates successfully achieved +17pp on Ad Awareness leading to a super low Cost Per Incremental Person (CPIP) of <$0.5. When it comes to Brand Awareness¹, the campaign resulted in a significant lift of +14pp. The campaign exceeded lift benchmarks across all metrics.
1 Snap Inc. brand lift survey of 501 Snapchat users Mar. 10 - Apr 2, 2023. Control n= 124 exposed n=377. Brand Awareness related to females.