Success Story
Success Story

Snapchat delivers higher performance results than other platforms for Emirates


more flight searches vs. other platforms


more efficient cost per flight search vs. other platforms


more landing page visits vs. other platforms

The Story

Emirates, Havas and Snapchat partnered to build a set of creative aimed at highlighting their range of award-winning in-flight products through a series of Story Ads.

The hypothesis was that if we could show the Emirates product in an engaging and interactive way, would this audience be more likely to convert when later served more performance focused creative? Together, we built a campaign called ‘Would You Rather’ which offered Snapchat users a series of choices; for example “would you rather watch Hollywood’s latest blockbusters or watch live sport”? The reveal coming at the end of the Story Ad was simple… with Emirates, you don’t have to make this choice. You get it all.

The Solution: Story Ads and Snap Ads

Emirates launched Story Ads to position themselves as an editorial, storytelling brand alongside Snapchat’s premium publishers in the Discover section. Highlighting in-flight offerings, such as live TV, sports, WiFi and meals. Targeting segments relevant to their in-flight proof points (e.g., sports fans, cinema enthusiasts, foodies and travelers), the brand tested several tiles appearing in the Discover section to drive the best Story Ad open rates and completion rates.

Following the Story Ad campaign, Emirates retargeted all engaged users who opened the Story Ad with a tactical sale campaign. Leveraging Snap Ads swiping up to a flight search landing page, these reengaged Snapchatters proved to be extremely efficient in driving landing page visits and flight searches, both key metrics for any tactical sale campaign. Creatively, the Snap Ads aligned to best practices, including leading with the key messaging, branding, and call-to-action, while highlighting the swipe-up area towards the bottom of the ad, all playing integral roles in driving quality traffic to the brand’s flight search landing page.

The Results

Emirates multi-product strategy coupled with retargeting led to 4.6X (1) more flight searches vs. what they saw on other platforms. Ultimately, they were able to scale at a cost efficient rate, seeing a 50% (1) lower cost per flight searches vs. other platforms.

With original, bespoke creative and efficient planning strategies, Snapchat helped us demonstrate that we can engage with our audience and influence them down the path-to-purchase by connecting brand and tactical messaging.

Mark Weaver, Media Manager, Emirates Airline
1 Source: Client-stated data via DoubleClick Campaign Manager. May 20-30th, 2019.