e.l.f. Cosmetics Sees Results with Snapchat Beauty AR Lens

Increase in


Share Rate⁴

e.l.f. Cosmetics Teams Up with Snapchat to Launch Power Grip Primer

The #1 Gen Z Favorite Makeup Brand¹ e.l.f. Cosmetics offers premium quality beauty at an extraordinary value that’s clean, vegan, cruelty free and Fair Trade Certified™. To drive awareness of the launch of Power Grip Primer, the brand teamed up with Snapchat to create an AR Lens featuring their latest primer. e.l.f. and Snapchat had created AR Lens for past e.l.f. launches with successful results. With the hope of deepening their relationship with their core audience — while still reaching new users — e.l.f. Cosmetics leaned into a creative strategy to boost engagement and playtime on Snapchat. 

Creating an AR Lens with Snapchat’s World Lens and Goal-based Bidding

Because more than 65% of Beauty Maven Snapchatters consider the Snap Camera their own personal mirror, an AR Lens was the perfect solution to bring the e.l.f. Cosmetics product to life — and immerse consumers in the experience of an incredible poolside getaway. Snapchat spent time working with the brand to create a design that was truly on brand, incorporating variables to drive share rate, including beautification with an eye-makeup look and use of Snapchat’s World Lens feature. Further, the brand chose to use Snapchat’s Goal-Based Bidding strategy optimized toward shares as well as Lifestyle Categories to target Beauty Mavens, past purchasers of similar products, and users most likely to share the Lens. 

Driving Results in Playtime, Engagement, Shares, and Impressions

The Power Grip AR Lens exceeded expectations, driving an average camera playtime of 56 seconds, which is 5x the benchmark for Snapchat Beauty Lenses (typically 8 to 10 seconds). ² The Lens was also extremely effective in driving engagement and shares, achieving 141,000 free impressions ³ and a share rate of 1.14%. ⁴ Once again, e.l.f. Cosmetics and Snapchat proved that joining together to innovate is a thing of beauty!

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