Success Story
Success Story

eBay drives massive engagement in Germany with its Shoppable AR Lens


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The Story

eBay wanted to create awareness for their affordable summer products, focused on world cup accessories like hand clackers, flags and face paint. To differentiate eBay in a cluttered market, we had to emotionalise the offering, using a memorable national moment, that would get people excited:  the famous winning goal of the World Cup 2014 in Rio scored by Mario Götze.

The Solution: Shoppable World Lens
With a Shoppable World Lens we enabled the nation to replay the goal: users were able to place the FIFA goal onto any surface and score the goal by pointing the football cursor at the
football. We set the football to the exact position and angle, and included a countdown to the time of the shot. The shoppable element, our lens attachment, linked users directly to world cup accessories in the eBay shop.