eBay Celebrates Peak Season Success with Snapchat

53.13 secs

lens playtime


brand favourability


consideration intent
The Story

A go-to platform for consumer-to-consumer transactions since the mid-90s, auction-based website eBay was on a mission to broaden its demographic, by raising awareness and consideration of its offerings among Snapchatters during peak season.

The Solution

eBay wanted to engage Snapchatters to see their brand as a better place to buy and sell items; using their brand platform ‘the eBay way’ to drive salience around it being better for both the planet and the pocket – an approach which acknowledges the current climate and financial crisis.

By harnessing the power of Snap Ads, Commercials and Augmented Reality, the brand could highlight the environmental benefit and financial reward of buying and selling pre-loved products or refurbished tech in a fun, authentic and engaging way.

Commercials allowed eBay to creatively communicate its message of motivation, Ads showcased the quality, value and range of eBay’s offerings in a clear and compelling way, and an engaging selfie Lens brought the ‘eBay way’ to life through a series of seasonal and diverse themed props for the Snapchatter to interact with. From tapping into refurbished tech to facilitating pre-loved try-ons, AR brought the wide eBay product choice experience to life for users, and allowed the brand to reinforce its ethos in a truly creative way.
Targeting Snap audiences aged 18 and over, eBay initially launched a broad campaign before retargeting, based on impressions served in the first stage. 

The Result

eBay’s vibrant campaign was a huge success, with Snap Ads driving 438.7K swipe-ups.1 In addition to this, the multi-product approach generated a positive lift in brand favourability, and boosted consideration and recommendation intent. The extraordinarily engaging AR Lens boasted a play time of 53.13 seconds, a reach of over 1 million and a 3.86% share rate.2
Following the significant results generated during peak shopping season, eBay continues to implement multi-product strategies.

It was a pleasure for Alice Brimicombe and I to work with Snap and EssenceMediacom to bring this engaging campaign to life and drive salience around ‘the eBay way’. Having the trio of Snap products complemented each other, drove performance and delivered a healthy incremental reach as a result - which alongside the right creative and messaging drove a great brand lift. The AR Lens was the highlight that allowed us the chance to bring ‘the eBay way’ to life in a creative, playful and engaging way for Snapchatters while driving tangible results.

Richard Ward, Social & Content Lead, eBay
1 Data from Snap Ads Manager as of Oct. 01- Dec 15, 2022
2 Data from Snap Ads Manager as of Oct. 01- Dec 15, 2022