Success Story
Success Story

E-commerce retailer Newchic uses Single Image Ads to target their most engaged audience, achieving +2.5 ROI two weeks ahead of schedule.


of total installs were driven by Snapchat in Snapchat 2019¹


lower cost per install versus other platforms¹

The Story

Newchic, an online fashion shopping destination, offers every category of fashion products to create a one-stop online shopping paradise for a global audience. Founded in 2014, Newchic has won recognition and trust from customers in Europe, America, Middle East and Southeast Asia. Newchic partnered with Snapchat with the goal of driving app installs through mobile advertising to the Middle Eastern Audience of shoppers.

The Solution: Single Image Ads

With a goal of +2.5 ROI on their advertising spend, Newchic used Single Image Ads to drive app installs. Using creative that showcased their most popular products, keeping text, color and style treatment consistent across all ads.

Newchic also utilized Snapchat’s Goal-Based Bidding to bid towards driving app installs. Goal-based bidding helped Newchic get their advertisements viewed by Snapchatters who were most likely to engage with their ad and download their app.

The Results

By advertising on Snapchat, Newchic was able to achieve a 30% lower cost per install versus other platforms. From customers acquired through Snapchat, Newchic was able to achieve 10% lower cost per new account created versus customers acquired through other channels. By running this campaign from the beginning of Q4 to end, they were able to see a 2.5 return on investment, almost three weeks ahead of their projected schedule.

“Snapchat attracts a large number of loyal users with innovative social ideas. High quality and exclusive users create a blue sea for advertisers.”

NewChic Marketing Head, Miko Su
1 Source: Advertiser provided data