DrSmile increases campaign success and ROI with Snapchat Lenses


lift in Sessions


reduction in CPA


increase in Bookings

The Story
DrSmile’s mission is to democratize the dental market and make everyone smile with confidence. A disruptor in the industry, the brand offers teeth-straightening services and partners with over 200 dental practices, to deliver the highest expertise and best treatments to their customers. In the last five years, DrSmile has evolved into one of the largest clear aligner provider in Europe. Looking to achieve their growth objectives, DrSmile partnered with Snapchat to reach our unique community and drive Snapchatters to book an appointment for a 3D scan.
The Solution
DrSmile introduced AR-Lens Swipe to their campaign, combining Snapchat’s Face and World Lens with GPS technology. First, Snapchatters interacted with the Face Lens, which showed the value position of the brand’s aligner. Then, after 10 seconds, the experience switched automatically to the World Lens, which directed Snapchatters to the nearest DrSmile partner dental practice, alongside a tap-to-book CTA. In partnership with Snapchat, DrSmile had the Lens campaign up and running within two months.
To increase campaign success, DrSmile activated broad targeting for launch and auto-bid optimized for swipe, which proved successful for the brand and helped keep CPC (Cost Per Click) down. With their second campaign, DrSmile began retargeting by sharing Snapchatters using the Lens — this content caught the attention of users that had previously interacted with DrSmile but had not yet engaged with the campaign. The brand has also started testing an impression campaign to drive traffic, as well as combine the Lens creative with other Snapchat ad products.
The Result
Leveraging Snapchat’s Lens Ad format maximized impact for DrSmile’s campaign, with the brand seeing greater success compared to their previous BAU results: 18.5% lift in Sessions, 60% increase in bookings, plus a CPA reduction of 69%.1
Through retargeting website visitors and creating content of Snapchatters using the Lens, DrSmile has seen bookings coming in last click via Snapchat for the first time. What’s more, these costs are 44% lower than the brand’s other retargeting campaigns.
Given these results, DrSmile plans to roll out the Lens to other markets and will regularly integrate Snapchat campaigns into their paid-social strategy.
“Snapchat is now our most-efficient paid-social channel for CPA”
Leah Bell, Marketing Manager, DrSmile

1 DrSmile Internal Data