Domino’s Strengthens Appeal through Successful Campaign on Snapchat

+8 pts
Brand Awareness

+15 pts

+6 pts
Action Intent

Domino’s Reaches 800k Norwegian Snapchatters

When launching their “New Bigger Better” pizzas, Domino’s and their strategic partners SMFB and Precis Digital looked to Snapchat. Through Snap Ads, Commercials and Filters, Domino’s reached more than 800k unique Norwegian Snapchatters around their restaurants. The Snapchatters found both the pizza and the message appealing, leading to a lift across all measured KPIs.

Using a Consistent and Creative Play on Humor

Through a series of Commercials and Snap Ads, Domino’s played on different situations in which the pizza is now so big that it is almost too heavy to carry. Snapchatters could also decorate their Snaps with a Domino’s filter and spread the message to their close friends.

The combination of camera placements and vertical video lead to great success in this campaign for Domino’s. They were not only able to establish that their pizza is now newer and even bigger than before – but they were also able to increase the brand awareness and purchase intent.

Lifts in Brand, Ad, and Message Awareness, and Action Intent

The campaign saw significant lifts on Brand Awareness (+8pp), Ad Awareness (+19pp), Message Awareness (+15pp) and Action Intent (+6pp). The lifts are above the Snapchat benchmarks and show that the campaign resonates well with its audience. Snapchatters truly believe that Domino’s is bigger and better!

We are more than happy about the results Snapchat provided us in this campaign. It hit our target group very well and we are really surprised of the amount of filters used. After these results, we will allocate more of the budget for 2020 for use in Snapchat as an important marketing channel.

Frank Otterbeck, Head of Sales & Marketing

1 Snap Brand Lift Study of Norway Snapchat users, August 18, 2019 - September 15, 2019. Location and age data are subject to limitations. 840 respondents.