DIRECTV Connects Snapchatters to Fellow MLB Fans with AR Campaign

AR Impressions
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DIRECTV Turns to Snapchat to Celebrate MLB Season

When it comes to watching sports, Snapchatters love to tune in and root for their favorite teams with their close friends and family. And DIRECTV knows a thing or two about connecting fans and offering them the best experience possible! 

To celebrate Major League Baseball (MLB) season, the broadcasting giant turned to Snapchat to create a campaign that would increase MLB message association while driving sales for DIRECTV and enhancing the consumer experience. The brand wanted to deliver their AR messaging both on and off Snapchat to effectively reach baseball enthusiasts everywhere.

Using Snapcodes, AR Lenses, Story Ads, Snapchat Ads, and Commercials

With an average of 75M Snapchatters tuning in to watch Sports content together on Snapchat each month,³ and 70% of Snapchatters using the app while watching sports,⁴ DIRECTV had an incredible opportunity to tap into a massive, unique, and highly engaged audience of MLB fans and cable TV watchers. The brand opted for a holistic, multi-product ad approach using AR Lenses, Snapcodes, Story Ads, Snap Ads, and Commercials combined with digital out of home media featuring the AR creative (two AR Lenses). By running the AR campaign both on and off Snapchat, DIRECTV was able to significantly extend their reach and surround MLB fans with engaging content to share and celebrate together.

Increasing Scale, Extending Reach, and Driving Sales

DIRECTV’s holistic, cross-functional strategy enabled them to take advantage of ad opportunities not available on any other platform, ultimately increasing scale, extending reach, and driving sales. Overall, the brand’s campaign achieved 17.1M AR Impressions ¹ and more than 173K earned reach for the two branded AR Lenses.² It’s clear, when it comes to their Snapchat campaign for Major League Baseball, DIRECTV is batting a thousand! 

DIRECTV Snapcode digital ad for MLB Season

Campaign By

  • Brand: DIRECTV

  • Media Agency: Hearts & Science

  • Creative Agency: Critical Mass

We know that adding AR to our media mix on Snapchat helps DIRECTV reach more MLB enthusiasts than video alone, and by incorporating that AR within our Out of Home campaign, which ran in sports venues, ridesharing vehicles, billboards, and more, we get the added benefit of taking what is typically a passive ad format and making it an engaging, share-worthy experience.

Kelly Jo Sands, Senior Vice President of Digital and Marketing at DIRECTV

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