Crazy Tiger Inspires 7.8M 18-34 Year-olds with Augmented Reality

+ 22 Pts
Advertising Memorization¹

+ 8 Pts
Intending to Buy

13 Secs
Average Time Spent with the Lens²

7.8 M
18-34 Year Olds Reached⁴

A Multi-format Campaign on Snapchat

To support its "énergise ta différence" platform, French brand Crazy Tiger, number 3 in energy drinks in France, deployed a multi-format campaign on Snapchat from April to July 2023. Its objective: to work on key brand items in the segment, from awareness to purchase, with an 18-34 year-old target.

A More Emotional Dimension Through Snapchat Lens

Crazy Tiger launched on Snapchat in spring 2021 with a platform of functional content around its unique taste. Building on the success of this platform with the app's audience, with 15-second completion rates exceeding 25%, the brand decided to go one step further by offering a more emotional dimension through a Lens.

The brand thus collaborated with Snapchat teams and the Playar studio to develop an augmented reality experience enabling app users to express their difference. The aim? Answer the question: "What's your crazy side?" The user had various choices (his story, his style, his humor...), each of which was dramatized to create an immersive experience. Users ended the experience by taking a selfie corresponding to their "crazy side", which they could share with friends and family. The Lens was accompanied by other formats: commercial Ads (non-skippable videos of up to 6 seconds) as well as snap Ads (skippable videos) and story Ads to develop the storytelling approach.

A Special Emotional Bond with the Audience

Thanks to its varied formats, the campaign was able to multiply exposure times, permanently inscribing Crazy Tiger in the minds of users. In particular, the use of augmented reality, in conjunction with its communication platform, enabled the brand to create a privileged emotional bond with the audience. The content of this Lens was shared more than 74,000 times by users! Comparing the results between users not exposed to the campaign and those exposed to the Lens, the benefits were considerable in terms of recall (+22 points) and purchase intention (+8 points). The format also appealed to the public, as the Crazy Tiger Lens was used for an average of 13 seconds, 2 to 5 seconds more than other similar campaigns. Last but not least, the choice of Snapchat to appeal to a young target was a resounding success! In just a few weeks, Crazy Tiger reached 7.8 M 18-34 year-olds, i.e. 60% of Snapchatters in this age bracket in France.

Using Snapchat, we're seeing ever-increasing performance, with 15s completion rates now exceeding 25%. To take interaction with our consumers a step further, we developed an Augmented Reality experience to develop engagement with our target audience and highlight our promise: to give them the taste and energy to express their difference. Nearly 74,000 pieces of content were shared, generating more than 242,000 additional impressions!

​François Baldo, Head of Marketing

1 (for those exposed to Lens) before Snap Inc. brand lift survey of 781 Snapchat users April 18 - July 9 2023. Control n= 395, Exposed n= 386.
2 (for those exposed to Lens) before Snap Inc. Internal Data as of April 18 - July 9 2023.
3 (vs. 8 - 11 sec average test bench) before Snap Inc. Internal Data, France only, 2023 YTD.
4 (i.e. 60% of Snapchatters in this age group) before Médiamétrie Data, France, 2023.