Re-inventing product trial in a post-lockdown world

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The Story:

Product trial is the most important part of the in store-purchasing journey for make-up. In a post-lockdown world, one key challenge emerged: how can we re-invent the trial experience to ensure consumers can test the products in store without posing any health concerns?

The Solution:

Partnering with COTY, who have beauty brands like Bourjois, MaxFactor and Rimmel, Snapchat created 17 unique Lens experiences bringing to life different products using AR. Making it easier than ever to try on mascara, foundation or lipstick. Snap codes were applied to their respective products in store and all a future customer had to do to “try it on” was to scan!

The Results:

The AR experience was very successful where 18%2 of the total sales came from customers who used the AR lens. The conversion rate was high with 62%2 of those using the AR lens ending up buying the product. The activity also saw scale with over 350K1 reached within its first 3 months thanks to people using and sharing their AR experience and saw high engagement with an average of 218 seconds1 playtime.

"For us at Coty it was crucial to continue to adapt and respond to the challenges of Covid-19 in order to deliver the best experience to our audiences, online and in-store. Reimagining the in-store trial experience was key, and in Snapchat we found a partner with the agility and innovation spirit needed in order to bring our project to reality and continue to deliver amazing beauty experiences to our customers in the safest way possible. We are delighted with the results and the response it has generated and are looking forward to expanding this partnership further.”
- Alice Bézirard, Media Leader, COTY

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1 Play time, Total Reach based on Snap Inc. internal data, May 15, 2020 - August 15, 2020.
2 COTY Middle East FZCO Internal Data, August 2020