Comcast Sees Outstanding Results With a Snap Star-Driven Campaign

+9 Point
Lift in Brand Association¹

+14 Point
Lift in Ad Awareness for Multi-Product¹

+11 Point
Lift in Brand Association from Snap Star Creator Video Content¹

Bringing Snap Stars into the Conversation

Comcast is a major player in the world of telecommunications and the parent company of Xfinity — Comcast’s TV, internet, and home phone services brand whose products and services connect millions of people to the moments and experiences that matter most. With the goal of raising brand awareness and association for Xfinity’s latest 10G Network launch, Comcast, in close collaboration w/ their Media Agency, Spark Foundry and Creative Agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, partnered with Snapchat to create AR experiences that leaned into Snapchat’s curated network of creators, known as Snap Stars, to share their excitement of the new launch with friends and family using AR.

Deploying An Xfinitly Potent Combination of Snapchat Resources

Comcast opted for a multi-product approach for their campaign, using both a First Lens and an Auction Lens, as well as Story Ads. Additionally, the brand chose to launch a Snap Select campaign, taking advantage of Snapchat’s top programming with predictable delivery in Ads Manager. Comcast worked closely with Snapchat to visually tie the AR Lens to their “Out of This World” tagline and partnered with six different Snap Stars — all Xfinity customers — to authentically bring the brand’s message to life and drive influence among their audience.

The Snap Stars posted organic content of themselves engaging with the AR Lens, encouraging their followers to do the same. Xfinity then promoted paid content as a Story Ad, further driving the connection between their creator/organic content and paid media. Leveraging Snap Stars — along with their large, highly engaged audiences — helped Comcast’s Xfinity messaging resonate even further, allowing for broad amplification of the AR Lens and ultimately resulting in strong engagement metrics.

Out-of-this-World Lifts in Ad Awareness and Brand Association

Comcast’s Snapchat campaign for their Xfinity 10G Network launch proved to be a major success. This campaign surpassed norms across all brand lift metrics, driving a +8 lift in ad awareness and +9 lift in brand association.¹ The lift in brand association is particularly key in this case, as it resulted in Snapchatters strongly associating Xfinity with 10G Network, despite this being their first Xfinity 10G Network messaging in market.¹

Additionally, creator amplification as well as the Auction Lens support resulted in a direct positive correlation between spend and engagement.¹ Lastly, the Snap Select Commercials resulted in +8 lift in ad awareness and +11 lift in brand association while outperforming Comcast norms for VCR and Swipe Rates.¹ The combination of an innovative augmented reality experience and a partnership with Snap Stars resulted in an engaging, shareable, and highly successful launch!

Snapchat was the perfect platform to help bring this campaign launch to life through creating an engaging AR Lens experience and partnering with Snap Stars. By adding in other ad placements, we were able to really move the needle on key brand metrics and generate awareness for our new messaging in market.

Justin Silva, Senior Director, Media Strategy, Planning, & Innovation

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