Coca Cola used Snapchat to drive a 32pt increase in Ad Awareness


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The Story

For the third year running, Coca Cola Denmark ran their Share a Coke campaign. This year, the campaign was all about giving people compliments to spread joy and positivity around the brand.

Coca Cola ran a Snapchat Lens that allowed people to share a personalized Coca Cola bottle, adding their friend's name and a compliment, to really make this a unique experience.

The Solution

A Lens was created that allowed Danish Snapchatters to personalize the Coca Cola bottle and tag along a special compliment to share with their friends. This really tied in very strongly with the sentiment of the local Share a Coke campaign and its message of spreading positivity through compliments.

We also used SnapAds to increase the visibility of this Lens within the target audience. This drove further engagement and ensured most Danish Snapchatters had the opportunity to see and engage with the Lens

The Result

The Lens performed incredibly well and outperformed most of Snap’s internal benchmarks. The Lens was played with almost twice as long compared to the average Lens and the campaign increased ad awareness by +32 pts versus our internal benchmark of +15pts.

"The partnership with Snapchat was great and the production went smoothly, with good input from the snap team. The results are clear, with performance well above benchmark. Snapchat continue to be a valuable platform for Coca-Cola in Denmark."

Jakob Mollmann, Nordic Digital Manager, Coca Cola

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