Coca-Cola Drives Strong Results by Making People Travel Through The Snapchat Camera


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The Story

With travel made complicated off the back of the pandemic, Coca-Cola aimed at upholding destination equity amongst Snapchatters. They targeted two different cohorts, the ones unable to leave Bagdad to the local summer destinations, as well as Snapchatters that were able to travel to northern Iraqi regions for their summer holidays.

The Solution

Coca-Cola and Snapchat teamed-up using a multi-product approach to build on the campaign idea of “making people travel with Snap”. Upon activating the Lens, the Snapchatter would be transported to two featured landmark destinations in the Iraqi northern regions to enjoy summer with Coke, targeting people that stayed behind in Bagdad. The reach was further expanded outside the camera carousel in videos through Snap Ads with a swipe up to the Lens feature. Snapchatters actually visiting the Northern Regions would be targeted by Filters on arrival and greeted with Coca-Cola messaging. Using camera formats such as Lenses and Filters while creating video content from the Lens to push Snap Ads testifies to the one-of-a-kind ability of Snapchat to bring the brand to life through delivery of their authentic content.

The Results

Snapchat’s solution to leverage the AR Lens succeeded in driving significant brand metrics across the board especially on lower funnel attributes such as Action intent (+5), in addition to driving strong engagement.1 The Lens garnered an average playtime of 35.1 secs, while reaching 2.6M across different regions in Iraq. The Lens was saved 128,496 times, indicating how memorable the experiences truly were.2

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1 Snap Inc. brand lift survey of 790 Snapchat users August 15 - September 15, 2021. Control n= 382 exposed n=408
2 Snap Inc. internal data