Coca-Cola experiences an incredible 21% Ad Awareness uplift in its World Cup 2022 campaign through AR


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Ad Awareness

The Story

In 2022, the World Cup was the year's main event, drawing excitement for Snapchat users. As the tournament's sponsor, Coca-Cola wanted to be a part of the user's experience and get closer to Snapchatters through AR Lenses.

Through the combination of two AR Lenses during the 2022 World Cup, Coca-Cola aimed to drive a significant number of clicks on the iFood direct URLs and achieve a CTR above 0.8%.

Their Creative Solution: Two AR Lenses

Coca-Cola's strategy on Snapchat was to launch two different campaigns with two separate Lenses.

In the first Lens, users could collect Coca-Cola bottles in a virtual football game to earn points. This Lens also allowed users to directly purchase Coca-Cola grocery packs on iFood while they watched the World Cup games.

The second Lens encouraged users to show off Brazil's colours and get a discount on iFood for Coca-Cola combos through a partner referral link.

The Result

The two campaigns ran concurrently with different creatives, resulting in variations in metrics compared to previous campaigns. However, the combined CTR of both campaigns was 1.44%.

The campaign had a great reach within the target, generating 95,020 clicks on the direct link and an average play time of 16,8 seconds.

The gamified World Cup Lens that focused on Grocery had 6,207,761 impressions, a CTR of 0.86% and over 52,559 clicks on the iFood partner referral link.

The format with click-focused targeting received 29,326 clicks and a CTR of 1.45%, outperforming the Brazilian benchmark.

The Brand Lift Study on the campaign revealed incredible growth for Coca-Cola due to a 21% uplift in Ad Awareness and a 7% increase in Message Awareness.

"Here at Coca-Cola, we are increasingly trying to use interactive media formats to provide experiences for our consumers. Our augmented reality lenses have provided not only a lot of interaction and engagement, but also great CTR results! Another successful case and we are ready for more!"

Antonia Lins
Digital Commerce Marketing Manager

"Snapchat delivers marketing opportunities for Coca-Cola with a gamified and interactive experience. With the custom Lens, we reached users in a unique and immersive way. They were able to interact with our brand, and this engagement led them to purchase more fluidly. In the FWC campaign, we had the opportunity to connect with consumers, bringing convenience through a partnership with delivery services and immersive media. And that was the ideal combination to increase purchase intention and reach our sales goals."

José Carqueija
SR Media Analyst – OpenX

1 Snap Inc. Internal data, December, 2022