Clearly Drives a 3.2% Purchase Lift with Full-Funnel Camera and Content Strategy


lift in brand awareness


traffic lift


purchase lift

The Story

Clearly, a Canadian eyewear e-commerce brand, partnered with Snapchat to drive a higher ROAS and acquire new customers. The brand’s always-on approach allowed them to reach a differentiated audience of Canadian Gen Zers and millennials, engaging viewers in the Clearly universe through unique product offerings, including a virtual try-on Lens AR the right time with the right creative.

The Solution

Clearly understood the value that multiproduct campaigns could bring, particularly when aiming for greater incremental reach and results. Their always-on campaigns included a healthy mix of camera- and content-based ads to drive results. 

AR Lenses were the campaign pinnacle, offering Snapchatters a unique opportunity to virtually try on the brand’s eyewear. Clearly’s AR Lens included five popular frames to try, each with its own festive winter theme to encourage Snapchatters to celebrate the moment in their virtual shopping space.

Clearly also invested in custom creative that supported Snap Ads, Collection Ads, Story Ads, and Commercials. These ad products drove traffic and purchase goals for the brand through a thoughtful combination of goal-based bids, including Pixel Purchases, Pixel Sign-Ups, and Pixel Page. 

The Results

Snapchat again proved its ability to continuously drive incremental conversions and increased brand awareness (and love!) for Clearly. 

The campaign drove full-funnel lifts, with an overall 3.2% purchase lift and an 8.3% lift in traffic.2 Clearly saw the largest purchase lift, at around 28 points for their sub-category glasses products.2 

Brand lift metrics were notable as well, with an +11 point lift in brand awareness and +6 point lift in action intent.1 

"Snapchat continues to drive meaningful business results for us through high-impact campaigns that leverage all aspects of the app. Being able to give prospective customers the ability to try on our glasses in a fun and realistic way at scale through AR Lenses is something that continues to blow us away."

- Julian Reiche, Senior Performance Marketing Manager, Clearly

1 Snap Inc. brand lift survey of CA Snapchat users Nov 1-Dec 31, 2021. Control n=420 exposed n=425.
2 Snap Inc, Internal Data, Nov 1-Dec 31, 2021