Dior Uses Catalog Powered Lenses to Drive Personalization and Performance Through Try-on AR


product trials


swipe up rate


lift in add to cart

The Story

Dior partnered with Snapchat to bring to life their new Dior Addict Shine range, a new collection, with an ultra creamy texture and intense colors.

Dior is the pioneer in the region to use Lens Web Builder, a self served tool, which enables Lens product cards to be integrated into Shopping Lenses, allowing users to preview information about each product, then try on and purchase the SKU featured in the lens.

As such, this enables the brand to create AR as part of a scalable and always on strategy to drive virtual product trials, enhance interest and consideration about the product and ultimately drive purchases.

The Solution: Catalog Powered Lens

With our new shopping template brands can build try on lenses by providing the HEX color codes and finish off their products driving try on, consideration and purchases to each of the 20 SKUs that can be showcased in the tool.

The Results

The results of the new launch "Dior Addict" were outstanding as the lens registered more than 4.4M trials and a swipe up rate of 3.82%.

It also nudged the users across the purchase funnel from website visit to add to cart with +17% lift in Page Views , +53%  lift in Viewed content, +201% lift in Add to Cart.1

This is a concrete example of immersive media and product appeal working hand in hand to create a strong affinity with the consumers.

"To tap into the growing importance of AR in the ecomm world, we built a shoppable lens that helped us, not only deliver on brand engagement and experience, but also strongly link it to purchase; allowing us to work and drive impact across the full consumer journey.
As the engagement results met our high expectations, what really stood out is the significant uplift in “Add to Cart”. This truly showcased the power of AR and how it helped influence purchase intent through an engaging and meaningful experience."

Claudia Raya-Garcia, Senior Digital Marketing Executive.

1 Snap Inc, Internal data April 1st - May 2022