September 19, 2022
September 19, 2022

Chobani Brings Unique AR Campaign to Snapchat for Oatmilk Campaign


Lift in Brand Awareness|
2.9x above Snap US CPG Norm Delta


Lift in Ad Awareness


Snap US CPG Norm Delta for Purchase Intent 1

The Story

Chobani, a food maker with a mission of making high-quality and nutritious food accessible to more people, has expanded its innovative offerings into new categories across the US. Wanting to let consumers know that they also make delicious and creamy non-dairy oatmilk, Chobani partnered with Snapchat as part of a national omni-channel oatmilk campaign. Looking to reach Flexitarians, Chobani wanted to build a funny, culturally relevant AR experience paired with their traditional video ads to encourage Snapchatters to make the switch to oatmilk. 

A Perfect Combination of Fun and Delicious 

The goal of Chobani’s campaign was straightforward: Build awareness with new-to-category and new-to-brand consumers between the ages of 18 and 49. The brand used third-party audiences from Nielsen and Oracle to reach health-conscious shoppers as well as dairy and non-dairy consumers to promote their oatmilk.

To drive strong results, Chobani leveraged a multi-product approach by activating a camera strategy with an AR Lens, as well as Video Ads with Snap Ads and Commercials. The quirky AR Lens placed a helmet on Snapchatters’ heads, much like the kind you see toting beverages at sports games. This one, though, had cartons of oatmilk on each side! Snapchatters simply had to raise their eyebrows to change the colors and flavors of the milk or purse their lips to see the milk rush through a straw. By sharing pictures and videos to their friends that featured the Lens, Chobani was able to maximize their reach beyond their target audience goal, gathering impressions within the camera, premium content, and user stories. 

Yummy Results

Chobani’s campaign drove delicious results, just like its non-dairy oatmilk! The Lens was a massive hit among Snapchatters and proved that AR is a powerful advertising tool for the brand, driving a +11-point lift in brand awareness, +5-point lift in ad awareness, and a +5-point lift in purchase intent. Overall, the brand drove an +8-point lift in brand awareness and a +6-point lift in ad awareness, and surpassed Snapchat’s US CPG benchmark averages for purchase intent by 3.6x. Leaning into a multi-product strategy helped Chobani reach users across Snapchat, as the brand only saw a 2.6% overlap between all three ad products. 2

Looks like Chobani’s oatmilk isn’t just a success on the shelves — it’s a success on Snapchat, too! 

1 Kantar brand lift survey of 813 Snapchat users 4/6/22 - 5/29-22Sample Design: A18-49
Control: n=410 Exposed: n=403
2 Snap Inc. internal data 4/6/22 - 5/29-22Sample Design: A18-49
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