Result, Return, Reuse: Chilly’s Champions Snap’s Simple but Effective Approach


lower CPA


lower CPM vs. other platforms


lower CPC vs. other platforms

The Story

Founded in 2010 by James Butterfield and Tim Bouscarle, Chilly’s provides a sustainable alternative to single-use plastic bottles. By transforming the traditional flask into an eco-friendly container – infused with high-performance technologies which allow the user to enjoy cold drinks on-the-go – Chilly’s quickly set itself apart. For more than a decade, Chilly’s has encouraged the adoption and integration of reusable products in everyday life – a message that has transcended gender, age and social constructs. However, as Black Friday approached, the brand wanted to diversify even further, grow on new channels, reach new audiences and reduce CPAs. Partnering with Snapchat during a key shopping period, Chilly’s sought to secure sales at as low a CPA as possible, while driving conversions.

The Solution: From Story Ads to Webview

In the weeks leading up to Black Friday, Chilly’s ran a branding campaign which reiterated the root of their origin story – the importance of reusable products that cater to countless audiences, irrespective of lifestyle. Aided by these particularly engaging branding activities, Chilly’s then launched the conversion-focused Black Friday campaign. 

The brand ran a multi-product approach including Webview and Story Ads to achieve goals across the full sales funnel. Chilly's implemented a broad targeting approach, focused on 18-45-year-olds in the UK, and leveraged Webview ads which were then optimised towards purchase using the target-cost bidding strategy.

With a nod to its reusable roots, Chilly's will be implementing these methods again in the future. 

The Results

A branding campaign, which yielded excellent results, was then followed by a simple but effective performance campaign. The latter, which included a video displaying Black Friday messaging, ultimately drove a 64% cheaper CPA for Chilly’s.1 Alongside a greatly reduced CPA, Chilly’s also established that Snapchat had outperformed other social media platforms in other key areas; Cost Per Clicks was 32% cheaper and CPMs was 47% cheaper with Snapchat.2 Overall, the Black Friday campaign drove excellent results for Chilly’s, and proved the most cost-efficient across all its channels.

“Chilly's had a successful Black Friday campaign with Snapchat, driving 64% cheaper CPAs than forecasted and 47% cheaper CPMs. This allowed us to be more cost-efficient and cut through the noise, which had a positive impact on sales.”

Philip Jacobson, Director of Creative and Marketing at Chilly’s.

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