Champion Increases Brand Awareness on Snap




average camera playtime


The Story
Champion usually focuses on performance activity on Snapchat, but in November 2022 partnered with Snap to drive excitement and awareness through an AR try-on Lens and multi format video for the release of their new Rochester range. 
Utilising AR for the first time, Champion's digital agency, Incubeta, wanted to drive strong awareness and ease of try-on among 18-32 year olds during a key retail period.
The Solution
Snapchat AR try-on Lens enabled Champion to easily showcase 3 core colour varieties of their hoodie range and combined the innovative camera product with Snap Ads, as well as Story Ads, to reach Snapchatters within all areas of our platform.
By giving Snapchatters the opportunity to truly see themselves wearing the item before buying, the gap between top of funnel and lower funnel conversion was quickly bridged and users were given a better, more immersive experience.
The Result
By pairing our Camera products with our Video offering, Champion saw impression, reach, traffic to site and play time all increase exponentially, with a total 18.5M impressions in total1 and reaching 1.7M Snapchatters between the age of 18-322, and an average lens playtime of 16.31s3.
"By leveraging Snapchat's AR technology, we were able to bring our brand to life and create a unique and immersive experience for our audience. Our successful campaign not only increased brand awareness, but also drove higher levels of engagement, demonstrating the power of AR in today's digital landscape."
- Rory O’Halloran, Brand Manager at Champion AU NZ
1 Snap Inc. internal data November 1 - December 31, 2022
2 Snap Inc. internal data November 1 - December 31, 2022
3 Data from Snap Ads Manager as of November 1 - December 31, 2022