CeraVe Switzerland Successfully Boosted Brand Awareness and Sales With a  Multi-Format Campaign on Snapchat


swipe-up/click rate on collection ads

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Brand Awareness lift


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The Story

CeraVe offers a complete line of skincare products developed alongside dermatologists and, as a brand, largely focuses on reaching Gen Zers and millennials. Throughout 2022, Snapchat has been a trusted partner to CeraVe for most of their push campaigns to reach this target age group (18 to 35+) and increase overall brand awareness.

With busy schedules and always-on technology keeping us constantly connected, it can feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to prioritize skincare. CeraVe’s Snapchat campaign focused on the fact that taking care of your skin doesn’t have to be time-consuming — and with the dual benefits of CeraVe’s dermatologist-developed facial moisturizers, there’s always time for face time!

The Solution

CeraVe showcased the ease of using their skincare by leveraging  augmented reality (AR), and promoted sales offers with Video Ads. Following Snapchat’s best practices, CeraVe used a multi-format approach on the platform to engage Snapchatters within the camera and content. The AR Lens enabled users to  experience different products and learn more about how to use them in a simple yet effective day-and-night routine.

Using Snap Ads and Commercials, CeraVe promoted free samples of their face-care products formulated for specific skin types. The Video Ad featured native mobile behaviours like chatting and video calling as well as primary campaign messaging: #WhatYourFaceCallsFor.

Additionally, to drive sales, the brand used Collection Ads that enticed viewers with a special gift with purchase.

The Results

CeraVe’s campaign delivered across every objective, generating awareness for the ease of using the brand’s skincare products. In Switzerland, the AR Lens — which enabled Snapchatters to virtually wash and treat their faces with CeraVe products — achieved 2.6 million Lens impressions (fully loaded experience), with an average Lens playtime of more than 44 seconds per user.1 Because the brand created such a memorable campaign, they saw significant results for awareness, with a 16-point lift in overall ad awareness, and brand awareness among Snapchatters increased from 42% to 53%, an 11-point lift.2

The campaign was also very effective in supporting sales. Snapchat Ads proved to be an impression driver, with a highly efficient CPM of $2.02.3 The Commercial — which is six seconds in length and non-skippable — achieved a video view rate of 86% and showed a cost per completed view below $0.01.4 The brand’s Collections Ads drove very efficient traffic, with a swipe-up/click rate of 6.48% and a cost per swipe-up/click of $0.07,5resulting in many Snapchatters making a purchase on the CeraVe website to receive their gift with purchase.

Additionally, the campaign’s impact on CeraVe Switzerland’s sampling and sales was excellent:

  • CeraVe doubled their overall e-retailer sales in May 2022 (compared to May 2021, when they did not have a Snapchat campaign).

  • The Face Care category saw over-proportional growth during the campaign, with further, constant development in the following months.

  • The brand saw successful sampling of their face-care products for a specific target group which could not be reached otherwise.6

“Through good cooperation the CeraVe team and Snapchat, another very successful campaign was created, in which a sizable Swiss audience was educated about the importance of daily facial care.”

— Fabio Müller, L’Oréal Switzerland

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