Century Games Partners With Snapchat to Achieve Global Expansion

Higher Click-through Rate Than Snapchat Benchmark
Lower SKAN Cost per Impression Than Other Platforms
Daily Spend Increase in 2 Months

Blockbuster Game Looking for Global Expansion Partner

Founded in 2010, Century Games is a global developer and publisher of interactive entertainment, most notably in the world of mobile gaming. Despite challenging market conditions, one of their self-developed titles, “Whiteout Survival,” a simulation game set in a snowy apocalypse, successfully launched in the overseas market in February 2023 and quickly became a blockbuster hit.
Wanting to ensure long-term engagement and enhanced performance in overseas markets, Century Games reached out to Snapchat to help further expand the player base for “Whiteout Survival” in Europe, America, and the Middle East.

Expanding The Player Base with Snapchat Ads and Story Ads

With the goal of expanding their player base by attracting new users, Century Games leveraged the unique gameplay of “Whiteout Survival” and Snapchat’s suite of video-advertising products to create various immersive and narrative-rich video assets, which were then targeted toward specific player demographics using Snap Ads and Story Ads.
Furthermore, Century Games has continuously optimized app downloads for “Whiteout Survival” through an Install Goal-based Bidding (GBB) strategy, effectively achieving scalable acquisition of high-quality Snapchat players. Following successful testing of the compatibility between Middle Eastern and American Snapchatters with the game’s content, Century Games has plans to further expand “Whiteout Survival” into new regions, elevating its overseas market performance to new heights.

Achieving a 10% Higher Click-through Rate

The collaboration between Century Games and Snapchat proved very successful! Through rich creative, effective targeting, and successful testing, Century Games was able to achieve a 10% higher click-through rate than Snapchat’s benchmark, along with a 15% lower SKAN cost per impression and the daily spend increased 3.5x in 2 months.
Following these impressive results, Century Games intends to deepen their partnership with Snapchat through data integration and additional methods to enhance targeting precision and accuracy in performance evaluation.