Cartier Lifts Awareness Way Beyond Norms For Their Ramadan Campaign


+7 point lift in brand awareness


point lift in ad awareness


largest incremental reach after TV

The Story

In order to break through the clutter during the holy season, Cartier partnered with Snapchat to amplify their unique Ramadan storytelling while enticing users to try their Iconic collection through augmented reality.

Reiterating the Maison’s core belief that “togetherness is a jewel”, the campaign traverses across a fantastical digitally-rendered desert landscape and concludes under a crescent moon and sparkling stars enabling users to try on their different items. In the video campaign a few familiar friends of the Maison make appearances along the way with a moving recital of a poem in tribute to the essence of Ramadan.

The Solution: The full suite of Video and AR solutions

Cartier adopted high impact ad formats across the camera and content through leveraging Snap ads, Story ads, Commercials and Collections ads and a multi placement strategy. The mix includes an AR lens combining a portal and a try on experience, where the users tap on a box to enter the desert and on a moon to choose the item they want to try on.

The Result

The results across the region were outstanding with the campaign reaching more than 9 million Snapchatters .The campaign delivered double the brand awareness MENA norms ( +7 point lift) and 3x the ad awareness norms  (+9 points lift)  with the biggest lift being  amongst the 18-34 age group which the Icon collection is aimed for.1 From our cross media research that ran in KSA, Snapchat delivered the highest unique reach after TV  and the multi faceted AR powered campaign drove the strongest full funnel impact with over a quarter of total campaign impact.

"Working on a portal lens for the very first time allowed us to immerse the audience into our Ramadan campaign universe in 3D. We wanted an “out of the box” execution along our traditional media campaign running on the app, we brought to life an experiential and playful addition to our Ramadan communication.
The combination of snapchat ads and the AR lens helped us achieve noticeable lifts in ad recall. We were present on all Snapchat features and formats to make the most out of our coverage on the app during a competitive period."

Sarah Benyahya,  Regional Media and Digital Manager, Cartier

1 Snap Inc Internal Data, April 1st - May 2022