Cartier Enables Virtual Try-on through Wrist Tracking Technology

Reach Across
the GCC Market 

Incremental Reach
Delivered by AR

Snapchat Partners with Cartier to Create Awareness

Snapchat partnered with Cartier to create awareness around their Icons collection, by building the collection's first ever virtual try on lens. The brand aimed to stand out with the very first bracelet and watch stacking try-on experience, based on Snapchat's wrist tracking technology. Targeting both males and females across several markets in the GCC, Cartier's objective was to entice users to mix and match their products before making their purchase.

A Solution that Launches AR Lens and Snapchat Ads

Cartier adopted high impact ad formats across the camera and content. On the Camera side they launched their lens targeting separately male and female with dedicated SKUs. Simultaneously, Cartier activated Snap and collection ads for the full duration of the launch.

Results that Reach More Than 6.7 Million Snapchatters

The results across the region were outstanding with the lens reaching more than 6.7 million Snapchatters across 4 markets in GCC with an average playtime of 22s.¹ The overall campaign reached more than 11. 7 million Snapchatters with the Lens delivering an incremental reach of +25%.²

Partnering with Snapchat on an AR lens for our most iconic collections was a no-brainer. We created a playful and interactive experience to engage our audience. Jewelry and Watches Stacking is a noticeable trend in the Middle East, the lens allows users to try-on Cartier Icons on their wrist through AR, it suggests different pieces mix and match options in a playful way. The lens was a highly performing format which made our campaign stand out, it successfully brought the product discovery journey online while keeping a high-standard, beautiful and elegant rendering of Cartier pieces.

Sarah Benyahya, Regional Media and Digital Manager, Cartier

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