Carrefour Drives Purchase Intent and In-Store Sales with Snapchat


total reach

+7 points

lift in ad awareness


sales uplift in the product category

+10 points

lift in purchase intent for 25-34 year olds

The Story

For Christmas season, leading French retailer Carrefour was looking for an innovative way to reach a family audience to drive awareness and engagement with its new collection of eco-friendly wooden toys, which are part of the retailer's efforts to develop more sustainable products for it's consumers.

To reach a family audience at scale with an innovative experience that could both create memorable engagement and generate sales in-store and online, Carrefour partnered with Snapchat.

The Solution

To engage its consumers on Snapchat, Carrefour developed an AR Lens experience that made it possible for Snapchatters to visualize a selection of wooden toys, position them in their homes, and get a better idea of the exact measurements and size of the products.

With an AR Lens experience that was both fun for parents and their children to play with and useful to figure out if the toys could fit in their homes, Carrefour's AR Lens demonstrates how AR has evolved from toy to tool. Thanks to this experience, Carrefour also hoped to reduce the return rates on the product thanks to consumers making more well informed decisions on the products they were purchasing.

In order to maximise the potential reach of the AR experience, Carrefour allowed users to try the AR Lens while browsing between stories through a Snap Ads campaign redirecting directly into the camera.

The Results

The entire campaign reached over 3.8M Snapchatters and generated over 38.9M impressions¹. At the Carrefour Jouet category, the campaign drove a 3.85% sales uplift².

Overall, Snapchatters spent an average  20.8 seconds playing with the Lens, well above our high range on our benchmarks (10-13”)¹.

The campaign succeeded in increasing the ad awareness (+7pts) and allowed Carrefour to strengthen the brand association with wooden Christmas toys (+10pts)¹.

Finally, the campaign gained in purchase intent for age groups over 25 years old, (+10pts among 25-34 year olds), demonstrating that Snapchat can reach an audience of parents and older Millennials in France.

"We wanted to offer families a new way to create their Christmas list, and we know there is no better experience than getting to try out products at home before buying them. Snapchat was the best platform to do this, as we know that 82% of Snapchatters like to use AR to try out new products, and that 69% of them like to use Snapchat as a source of inspiration for Christmas gifts."
- Beryl Fleur, Marketing Director, Carrefour France.

1 Source: Snap Internal Data
2 Source: LiveRamp