Carhartt Drives Success on Snapchat through Immersive AR Lenses

Brand Awareness

Ad Awareness

Brand Favorability

Action Intent¹

Breaking Through, Driving Site Visibility, and Staying Top of Mind

Durable and fashion-forward workwear brand Carhartt wanted to build a creative campaign featuring memorable augmented reality to turn possibilities into realities and inspire Snapchatters during the holidays. Hoping to break through the advertising clutter, drive visibility to their site, and stay top of mind during this busy season, Carhartt teamed up with Snapchat to create a campaign featuring AR Lens experiences to drive awareness and consideration.

A Potent Mix of Targeting, Snapchat Ads, and AR Lenses

Carhartt used a mix of targeting first-party and custom audiences to reach millennial and Gen Z trade workers on Snapchat. Working alongside their agency, January Digital, the brand used a series of Snap Ads and also developed two AR Lenses for their campaign. The first AR experience used a Portal Lens, where Snapchatters could virtually try on Carhartt’s signature beanies in a variety of colors and then switch to their rear-facing camera to be transported to a cozy holiday cabin featuring shoppable products. The second AR Lens featured a gamified experience that outfitted Snapchatters in a gardening apron and prompted them to grow plants for the Carhartt virtual community garden.

Using Snapchat’s impressions and swipe-ups as their Goal-Based Bidding objective, Carhartt was able to efficiently reach Snapchatters and encourage them to try the Lenses while also driving users to the brand’s website to discover their holiday collection.

Surge in Lifts Across Multiple Metrics

Carhartt achieved massive success by leaning into the unique ad products only available on Snapchat, driving full lift across their brand lift study. Despite Carhartt being an already-well-known name among Snapchatters, the brand was able to generate an +11-point lift in brand awareness and, with a +14-point lift in action intent, Carhartt successfully identified that their users were ready to convert.¹ Finally, they achieved a +13-point lift in ad awareness and 11-point lift in brand favorability¹ — all signs of a successful partnership with Snapchat!

In today’s digital world, it’s more important than ever to create an omnichannel experience that reaches consumers where they are. Our audience is increasingly opting in for digital experiences and social shopping, which made Snapchat’s augmented reality Lenses an excellent way to break through the holiday advertising clutter.

Janet Ries, Vice President of Marketing, Carhartt

1 Snap Inc. brand lift survey of 811 Snapchat users November 10 - December 19, 2022. Control n= 398 exposed n=413.