Success Story
Success Story

BUX uses Snapchat’s Story Ads to drive installs and grow user acquisition


Lower CPA compared to other channels


Install Rate


Lower CPM compared to other channels

The Story

BUX is a tech company that is rocking the world of finance. Their goal is to make trading accessible and affordable. Looking to grow their customer base by generating new installs and acquiring new users of the app, they turned to Snapchat.

As one of the first Dutch advertisers to use the Story Ads format, BUX was able to achieve incredible results, and scale their business rapidly. Thanks to Story Ads they were able to drastically improve the performance of their campaigns, generating efficient app installs and making Snapchat one of their key channels for user acquisition.

The Solution: Story Ads

To generate new customers, BUX leveraged Story Ads. This format enabled BUX to communicate the benefits of their app in a native and engaging way.

Users can swipe up from the Story Ad to go to the App Store and download the app immediately.

To make the most of the format, BUX created several different videos, filmed in a native Snapchat style, where a user highlights the specific benefits of the app in a very playful and engaging way, inviting the user to swipe up and discover the app for themselves.

The Result

With their Story Ads campaign, BUX has made Snapchat one of their best performing paid channels, with incredible results. Snapchat helped drive efficient acquisition of new users for BUX, resulting in a 48% lower CPA compared to other channels. The effectiveness of the Story Ad format for BUX is shown by the 26%+ install rate and a CPM that’s 422% lower compared to other channels.

Snapchat is a unique channel full of innovations and it leads the latest advertising trends of Millennial and Gen Z. BUX has successfully achieved positive ROI month after month in the last quarter. We see Snapchat as the right partner to further scale our user acquisition and engage our core audiences.

Xiaoyu Lyu, User Acquisition, BUX