Bringing Daily’s Poptails to Snapchat

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the category norm

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the category norm

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The Story

Daily’s Poptails, a delicious alcoholic beverage brand, headed to Snapchat for the brand’s first-ever major advertising initiative. Seeking to drive brand awareness and launch new Poptails products in front of the right consumers over age 21, Daily’s decided to run a campaign throughout the summer, ahead of key holidays.

The Solution

A cocktail in the form of a pop? That’s something you just can’t pass up, especially on a hot summer day. Daily’s and Snap leveraged commercials, Snap Ads, and AR Lens experiences to ramp up support around Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, and Labor Day. 

Daily’s and Snap targeted consumers interested in alcohol, as well as party-goers, beach enthusiasts, and college students, to reach the consumer base most interested in this refreshingly fun product. To maintain engagement, Daily’s used evergreen Snap Ads and Lenses that ran consistently, as well as goal-based bidding tools. 

To figure out what worked best for the brand, creative rotated on a biweekly basis. Because content was centered around summer activities, pool-focused videos ended up generating the highest engagement rates! This testing method proved more efficient than promoting creative on a cost basis.  

The Result

It’s safe to say, Daily’s Poptails campaign on Snapchat was a huge success! 

Their Snap Lens share rate beat the benchmark by 15%.1 Driven by a multiproduct approach, both brand awareness and action intent performed above category norm, at 2x and 3x higher, respectively.2 

The campaign drove lift through full funnel among Snapchatters between ages 21 and 34. Brand awareness increased by 7 points, brand association increased by 4 points, and intent action increased by 5 points.2 

Looks like Daily’s Poptails aren’t just yummy — they’re a major success!

"Snapchat played an integral role in driving awareness and trial of new Daily’s Poptails in a highly competitive and crowded space.  The platform helped Daily’s reach new 21+ users by effectively communicating brand messaging and generating buzz around our summer long #MakeitPop promotion."

- Greg Riley, Director of Marketing, Daily’s Cocktails

"In looking to make a splash with a mature demographic, Snapchat was a natural fit For Daily’s. The array of targeting options, and also how the platform has aged up over the years, allowed the brand to break through the clutter during their key seasonal period—helping Daily’s to stand out in an increasingly crowded vertical."

- Justin Levine, Vice President, Media Storm

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1 Snap Inc. internal data May 24, 2021 - July 5, 2021
2 Snap Inc. brand lift survey of 914 Snapchat users May 24, 2021 - July 5, 2021. Control n= 478 exposed n= 436