Bouygues Telecom reduces its Snapchat acquisition cost by 82%


increase in addition to cart among 25-34 year olds


increase in purchases by users aged 35+


decrease in acquisition costs during promotional periods

The context

Bouygues Telecom is a French telecommunications operator that markets three types of services: discounted pay-as-you-go plans, mobile contracts with a 1 year engagement, and fiber subscriptions. To continue to attract new customers among its target audience of over-18yo in a highly competitive market, Bouygues Telecom needed to increase its contact points to make its media campaigns more effective and grow the visibility of its best offers throughout the year. This was particularly important during the period when aggressively priced offers were being launched.


The solution

Bouygues Telecom used two strategies to increase its conversions. Based on advice from Snapchat and its partner Vidmob, the first strategy consisted in a creative rebranding of the Snap Ads format used in their campaigns to make them more impactful and more likely to convert the targeted audience. With the second, the operator switched from a strategy of one-off campaigns to always-on activations. These were coordinated with other media activity and involved communication burst moments during more important promotional periods of the year.


The result

A Conversion Lift study enabled Bouygues Telecom to measure the impact of Snapchat on the acquisition funnel. On average, it recorded a 4.98% increase of add to cart among the 25-34 and a 6.93% increase of purchases for the 35 and more¹.

In addition, Bouygues Telecom noted a reduction in its cost per acquisition thanks to its more dynamic graphics, whose CAC is 27% lower than that of standard creations. Meanwhile, the always on campaign strategy with an investment increasement during promotional periods led to a 82% decrease in the CAC compared to the non-promotional periods².

1 Source: Snap Inc. Conversion lift survey of August 1st - Sept 31st 2022
2 Source: Bouygues Telecom Campaign Manager from Mai 1st - October 31st 2022