Boosting Global Applications for Luiss University Through Snapchat Advertising


higher swipe up rate than other platforms


more leads than other channels combined


leads converted to application

The Story

Luiss University, located in Rome, Italy, partnered up with Snapchat to reach high school students looking to advance their education. The aim of the campaign was to build awareness of the university's diverse curriculum, and to encourage foreign students to apply to Luiss University.

The Solution

In collaboration with Pomilio Blumm, their communication agency, Luiss University’s objective was to inform and attract foreign students to enroll in its programs using short videos. They leveraged a video strategy targeted at high school students from various countries towards increasing awareness of Luiss University’s exceptional international courses and programs. The use of Snapchat Ads targeted individuals interested in obtaining higher education, while providing ample opportunities to attract international students in search of scholarships. The Snapchat Ads were designed following best practices to fit the platform, with a strong call to action that drove the user to a seamless application experience thanks to the new autofill Lead Generation feature that helped users easily fill out the form. In addition, the campaign was implemented using strict geo-targeting parameters, to focus on regions from where Luiss University traditionally receives most of its applications. 

The Result

Luiss University’s strategy to increase student recruitment by using Snapchat was both efficient and successful, with more than 500 leads received, 4% of total leads and 3x more than other platforms, from which 63% of those leads converted to applications1.

“​​We have found in Snapchat an excellent ally for our communication needs. Thanks to the platform’s short video function, we’ve been able to improve the interaction rate of countries such as Japan, Brazil, India, Serbia and France. We’re keen to continue collaborating with Snapchat in the future, and to avail ourselves of their ever-evolving new and innovative formats.”

- Luiss University

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1 Luiss University internal data 7 March - 30 April