Success Story
Success Story

Boost Mobile sees 10% increase in ad awareness with Commercials, Snapchat’s latest ad format


Lift in ad awareness


Unique views

The Story

Boost Mobile was looking for a creative and effective way to drive awareness at scale amongst an audience they couldn’t reach on other platforms. With the launch of Snapchat's latest ad format, Commercials, Snapchat became an obvious partner where Boost Mobile could integrate their brand message in premium content. 

The Solution: Commercials

Boost Mobile partnered with Vertical Networks and Fox to run Commercials in Snapchat’s latest original Show, Phone Swap. They ran Commercials in 3 episodes, driving a total of 11.3 million impressions and 5 million unique views. Boost mobile leveraged the Commercials format to create an engaging an immersive experience for viewers. They developed custom, endemic style creative that included footage from the actual Show. The Commercials felt like a natural extension of the Show’s storyline, allowing them to seamlessly deliver their brand’s message to their intended audience, ultimately driving a 10% increase in ad awareness. 

The Results

Boost Mobile was one of the first brands to test Commercials, proving the format to be a successful way to drive awareness at scale. Ultimately, their endemic style creative, in a relevant premium environment, led to an increase in brand awareness, massive reach, and customer acquisitions.