BlueChew Leverages the Power of Influencers to Reach Users on Snapchat


website clicks


increase in influencer content reach YOY


lower cost per click than traditional display advertising 

The Story

Bluechew is a unique service helping men get access to convenient, affordable, and chewable tablets for improved sexual performance by bringing the prescription process online and shipping directly to the patient’s door. BlueChew and their agency Crakmedia partnered with Snapchat to make the most out of their influencer’s content, broaden their audience and convert more users.

The Solution

BlueChew leveraged Snaps Ads as a way to acquire new users at scale. BlueChew used several Snap Ads to showcase the prescribed tablets, while highlighting their delivery advantages in a personable way. The Snap Ads also allowed BlueChew to make the most out of their influencer content with full screen ads.

The ease of Snap’s Ads Manager allowed Crakmedia to test several creative variations and optimize toward the top performing ad, forging Snapchatters further down the purchasing funnel and generating better CPA for their client.

With a focus on prospecting a new audience, BlueChew took advantage of the full range of the Snap Pixel’s capabilities. BlueChew used the Pixel and Goal Based Bidding to measure conversions and optimize performance throughout the campaign efficiently. Bidding for conversions led to a 50% lower cost than traditional display advertising.1 BlueChew also leveraged the Snap Pixel to inform their targeting strategy, shifting their focus to lookalike audiences. With more efficient targeting, BlueChew was able to focus on reaching high potential purchasers.

The Result

Snapchat proved to be a highly efficient partner for BlueChew performing at a 500% lower cost per impression than TV and driving clicks at a 50% cheaper price than their online average.1 The Snap Pixel allowed them to identify Snapchatters who had a higher likelihood of purchasing their product. Snapchat was able to both provide insights and identify new audiences for BlueChew, increasing the reach they generated with their influencers alone.

"Being in a regulated space comes with multiple challenges. With the help of the Snapchat team, which has been extremely supportive in dealing with their advertising policies, we were able to create ads that make the most out of Snapchat’s unique platform. This allowed us to scale BlueChew’s campaign and make Snapchat one of the most profitable sources for the company."

- William Giguère, Director of Product Marketing at Crakmedia

Snapchat can help your small, medium or large business grow.

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1 BlueChew Internal Data.