Blue Bunny Finds

“Funlightenment” with Snapchat


increase in ad awareness


purchasing intent


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The Story

Irresistible frozen treats brand Blue Bunny came to Snapchat for the first time ever to bring their new campaign to life, challenging ice-cream lovers to “Find Funlightment.” 

Blue Bunny wanted to effectively increase their brand penetration and awareness by calling on Snapchatters between the ages of 25 and 54 who consider themselves major foodies. 

The Solution

To achieve Blue Bunny’s KPI goals, Snap leveraged an AR Lens experience to create  a fun, interactive moment for the target audience.

Using goal-based sharing and optimization tools for the Lens, Snap knew this AR would prove popular among Snapchatters with sweet tooths, fast-food fanatics, and casual and mobile gamers. 

Lens bidding on shares drove a higher overall engagement rate of 2.7%, with a peak at 3.4%, compared to swipes, which had a 1.3% overall engagement rate.1

The Result

The Snapchat Lens proved to be the secret ingredient for Blue Bunny’s KPI success, increasing purchase intent by 9 points for the tough to reach 35+ audience.2

The Lens was memorable for the 25- to 45-year-old audience, with a share rate that gained 1.4 million free impressions1, and drove ad awareness up 16 points.2

"We were curious whether our 25-to-54-year-old consumer target would engage with branded content on Snapchat, so we approached our initial partnership in 2021 as a test & learn.  Based on the stellar engagement results with our branded Snapchat Lens, we look forward to expanding our partnership with Snapchat to a full channel investment level in 2022.  We’re excited for Blue Bunny to continue bringing FUN to Snapchatters in 2022!" 

- Jeremy Hrynewycz, Brand Director, Blue Bunny

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1 Data from Ads Manager as of 1 May - 16 July, 2021.
2 Snap Inc. brand lift survey of Snapchat users May 1 2021 - July 16 2020. Control n= 339 exposed n=391.