BlaBlaCar Succeeds in Engaging Snapchatters From Awareness to Purchase Intent

in Ad Recall
in Purchase Intent
in Brand Awareness
The Background
This Spring 2023, the first carpooling application, already present in 21 countries around the world, launched a communication campaign among 18-25 year-olds. The objective: to improve brand awareness among passengers. The core target of the carpooling platform being 18-30 year-olds, BlaBlaCar was able to address its target passengers through this campaign.
The Solution
BlaBlaCar opted for a multi-format approach on Snapchat, with Snap partner Busterwood developing a Quiz-type Lens for the campaign. This innovative format projected users into being car passengers and answering a series of four questions. The theme : "What kind of passenger are you?” Along with the Lens in the carousel, there were two non-skippable commercial ads in the Discover tab and two Snap ads videos.
The Result
The campaign's entertaining and multi-format approach paid off, with BlaBlaCar reaching 3.4 million Snapchatters aged between 18 and 25. Snapchat's awareness survey confirmed that success, with the company gaining 6 points in ad recall, 4 points in brand awareness and 7 points in purchase intent compared to a target audience that had not seen the campaign.