Ben & Jerry’s Brings Love, Peace, and Fun into Snapchatters’ Homes

4.7 M
Unique Users in Germany

2,63 €
CPM in Germany

+27 PPT
Ad Awareness in Austria

Launching the Cookie Dough Peace Pop by Partnering with Snapchat

Ben and Jerry’s launched their first popsicle ice cream, the Cookie Dough Peace Pop. It is an ice cream for the Generation Z, which celebrates Peace, Love and Fairtrade with a very colourful package and an ice cream that has the shape of the peace sign. It is also the perfect ice cream for eating outside and on the run, e.g. on a festival. The campaign used several elements and themes of music and music festivals to bring that joy and love into everyone’s life. But to really bring back the festival feeling to the community and create awareness for the new ice cream, Ben and Jerry’s partnered with Snapchat to create an immersive and special experience for the community. 

Using a “Scan” Feature to Unlock the AR Festival Lens

As young people couldn’t be at any festivals for quite some time, we brought the festivals into the Snapchatters' living room through Augmented Reality. A portal Lens first helped you find a cool festival look and then transported you into a colourful festival scene with music, people, a stage with dancing cows and a little Cookie Dough Peace Pop that you could pop for fun. But the most exciting part of it: the package of the ice creams had the new “Scan” feature, so every Peace Pop package unlocked the festival Lens! Through the Scan feature objects and products can be identified through the camera by simply scanning them through the Snap camera. To promote this feature and the ice cream Ben and Jerry’s used a multi ad product approach on Snapchat: Educational Snap Ad, Story Ads, Commercials and of course the Lens itself were aired in Austria and Germany. The Snap Ads that showed how to unlock the Lens were also published on other Social Media channels of Ben and Jerry’s to maximize awareness for this innovative feature. In Germany Ben and Jerry’s also partnered up with  a ‘Snap Star’, the foodie creator Son, who posted content of him doing the Pack Scan and using the Lens to his Snap Creator Profile. 

Results in Playtime, Brand Lift, and Product Awareness

Ben and Jerry’s could bring fun, music, peace and love into the lives of over 4.7 Million Unique Snapchatters in Germany¹ and 1.2 Million Unique Snapchatters in Austria² with a very efficient overall CPM of 2,63€ in Germany.¹ Snapchatters loved playing with the Lens, which was used over 10.5M times in Germany¹ and 4.8M times in Austria². The average playtime of the Lens per user in Austria was >23s². Across all German unique Lens Users the overall playtime summed up to 335days.¹

Ben and Jerry’s could not only provide joy to the Gen Z, they also had successful Brand Lift results: with a lift of +4ppts of Product Awareness, +17ppt of ad awareness, +14ppt of message awareness and +4ppt of action intent (exposed to the Lens) in Germany⁴ and a lift of +27ppt of ad awareness, +22ppt of message awareness and +18ppt of product awareness in Austria³ the product launch became a real success.

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