October 07, 2022
October 07, 2022

BellaBarnett Achieves Stellar ROI With Dynamic Collection Ads on Snapchat


ROI of Dynamic Collection Ads compared to other media


higher CTR compared to the average


higher ROI with web conversion and autobid

The Story

Bella Barnett, one of China’s top e-commerce export companies, has devoted their brand to creating fashionable, embellished clothing to represent their customers’ vibrant and unique beauty. Bella Barnett encourages every girl to stand up for herself and discover the beauty of the world around them. Seeking to expand their audience group and awareness in the European and American markets, Bella Barnett worked with Snapchat to reach out to the highly matched Snapchat Generation.

The Solution

From Snapchat’s direct-to-consumer solutions, Bella Barnett decided to leverage Snapchat’s various types of advertisements for e-commerce marketing. In particular, they leaned into Dynamic Collection Ads, which show multiple products in one ad, combined with Dynamic Product Ads targeting multiple regions. To help build their branding and maximize and enrich their name, Bella Barnett also chose to use Story Ads to establish brand positioning and tone and increase awareness, and used Collection Ads to help enhance the richness of user purchase options.

The Result

Bella Barnett achieved great results with their Snapchat campaign. Compared to other media, the brand achieved 1.7x ROI for Dynamic Collection Ads1 and a 45% higher ROI with web conversion and autobid2. Plus, they landed a 75% higher click-thru rate compared to the average2. Stunning clothing, stunning results!

"Snapchat is a very suitable media platform for DTC brands to go overseas. Snapchat can richly display our high-end brand concept and establish brand positioning and tone for us in the minds of consumers."
—Jingfei Wang, CEO, Bella Barnett

1 Snap Inc. internal data, Jan. 1–30, 2021.
2 Snap Inc. internal data, Q4 2021 vs. Q2 2022